Three Ways to Style Pop Color Accessories for Spring + Summer

Few things say "Hello Summer" like adding a pop of color to your outfit! Color is a go-to in my year-round wardrobe but particularly during warm-weather months.  Even if you are more of a "neutral-gal," summer is the perfect opportunity to add a small dose of brights to your black/white/denim/neutral clothing. A pop-color accessory is the easiest way to play and experiment with color!

Three ways to style a colorful accessory for summer ::

1. Pair any bright color with black or white. The easiest way to incorporate a fun-color accessory to your outfit is by pairing ANY BRIGHT COLOR with BLACK OR WHITE. Think a white sundress, a solid white or black tee paired with denim or shorts or a little black dress. Adding an unexpected pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit is always a statement-maker and is fool-proof to pull off. My summer-time "mom on the go" outfit is most-often denim shorts, a white tee/tank, sneakers/slides + a colorful stack of bracelets, a bright-patterned bag strap or a colorful headband. It's that color that makes you and your otherwise "plain-jane" outfit really shine!

2. Combine contrasting colors. I love mixing colors during summer! Some of my favorite combos are :: turquoise with navy or cobalt blue, sunshiny yellow with hot pink or bright blue, hot pink with navy or vivid green. In my opinion, adding a contrasting color is easiest to pull off by adding a colorful statement earring or a bright bag. Have fun with mixing colors... the possibilities are endless and it's difficult to mess up. Another idea that is simple to pull off and always looks chic is pairing a pop of turquoise, yellow or hot pink with a navy & white striped nautical tee.

3. Same with same. This one is the hardest to pull-off well but is totally worth trying! Mix blues with blues, pinks with pinks, greens with greens, etc. It typically looks best if the shades of the same color are varied a bit...for instance, pair turquoise blue with cobalt or navy or a bubblegum pink with a vivid fuchsia. {In the above pic, notice I paired navy blue with denim for a blue on blue look.} Again, the sky is the limit for experimenting and summer is the time to have fun doing so!